Punkaste, life is about following your dreams!


The Journey of a soul born to LOVE and a soul born to receive LOVE. They have a great connection that comes out in music, because LOVE Rocks. Darth Rirou (the Punk Rocker Dad), became his own hero, with his dream Punk Rock band that speeds up the songs requested by Lukee and creates songs out of their adventures.

They are NOT heroes, they are Punks and YouTubers. Their only mission is to Punk the world.

Darth Rirou

Rirou is a punk rocker Dad that believes anger is an energy and he uses to be the change and rise. This is how he overcame his childhood trauma.


Rock-it-ology is a philosophical band against depression with lyrics created by Darth Rirou, Lukee Skyrocker and (maybe soon) Princess Amber.

Lukee Skyrocker

Lukee Skyrocker is a boy that LOVES music and all types of Fans. Check out my YouTube channel.

Rock your boat, life is about following your dreams!


No matter what life throws at you. Keep following your dreams just like the Punk down the street.

Lukee SkyRocker

7 reasons why

  • First, Punk Rock is all about change.
  • Second, Punk Rock is very inclusive.
  • Third, Punk Rock is a great way to expend energy.
  • Fourth, not only Punk rock but Rock in general is very healing.
  • Fifth, Punk Rock is pretty groovy.
  • Sixth, all types of Rock and Roll can save a soul.
  • Seventh, the myth of the punk rocker dad is true.

About Us

Father and Son non profit organization with a spiritual focus.

Get In Touch

  • rockitology@gmail.com
  • (561) 889 5792


Find us on YouTube at Punkaste TV and Luke SKyrocker