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Dreams, intuition, deja-vu, astral travel and other freaky stuff that nobody really understands or even value. I mean, we as society claim we do with all the churches. Literally, every corner there is a church pretty much. All over the world, but we don’t value this things at all, and I can prove with my own existence. The past 2 years have been a bitch for refusing the covid-19 vaccine based on intuition, and dreams. But hey, they served me well as my therapist once said before releasing me from 18 years of therapy.

It was following a dream, and my grandmothers spirt guiding through meditation that I solved my childhood trauma, which reflected physically. I literally reversed 2 prescription drugs (Synthroid and sertraline) and got in the best shape of my life. Even better than when I was a professional triathlete.

I know nothing, I didn’t go to college (my choice. I tried but it’s not for me), I literally went to learn lessons in my dreams. Having said that, I know that the native Americans were right in two things:.

1- Dreams! They believed that dreams can save a soul and/or guide a soul. Is absolutely true as I am a living proof.

2- Diet! Meaning eating meat, eating from the land, and protecting the land. As a former vegan, I can assure you that meat is essential. They were also correct when someone is depressed/ disheartened /dispirit to first ask them: when they stop dancing and singing?

Anyways, the way I escape my childhood trauma that lead to my 33 years of depression was doing something I call inner child revolution. As a former triathlon coach I thought about being a life coach, but the only way for me to coach is to lead by example. Since I was always a misfit, I decided to open my own punk philosophy school. This is how it works:

1- Rock star at Punkaste TV. Music was my kids dreams, and my destiny but I pushed back due to trauma for many years. At Punkaste TV you see all my music videos (covers and my own songs), in other words my inner child revolution.

2- Blogger at Punk Rocker Dad. There you find my free philosophy eBooks, my journey through the covid-420 desert that resulted in a rebirth at 40 years old.

3- Rirou the Punk – @rock-it-ologyTV YouTube channel with the Not a case of the Monday’s show. Those are the resume of the week of my Punktaste our Philosophical band.

4- You can find my journey through depression in the book Punkaste on Amazon, it won’t make you a millionaire but it might change your life or even touch your heart deeply. Just don’t judge a book by its cover and back covers.


Darth Rirou and Luke Skyrocker