Spring 2016 a few months before Luke was born, Rirou caught a dream that free his soul and he embraced on a mission to beat depression and break the cycle of trauma. A promise he made to himself and his wife and kids. One day listening Iron Maiden piece of mind album while building Luke’s crib Rirou had an intuitive thought:

-What if I face my fear, and finally do music?

Well, later that year on his birthday, 2 weeks before Luke was born, his wife gave him a guitar. Rirou was still afraid of playing and he was getting angry about it. Fear leads to anger and anger if not used wisely can be a disaster.

During a hurricane escape Luke asked Rirou to play Mr Golden Sun fast, without his guitar Rirou got a kid toy guitar and made a punk version of mr Sun, and life turned around. Rirou and his family ran to the hills of Colorado, where Rirou went back to school, the school of Rock.

On 13th March 2020 Rirou had a divine intervention during a meditation where he heard:

-Its time to be a PUNK!

Well, when you get the calling you got to act right away, inspired by Luke and Amber that was about to be born,  Rirou finally overcame his fear and on his 40th birthday Rirou released his first single: Mr Golden Sun Punk version and he experienced a rebirth.

Rirou’s rebirth experience has healed him to a point Rirou was able to by reverse 2 prescriptions drugs and got released from therapy after 18 years. Using all his anger he learned all 3 instruments, how to record and became a one-man band and now he is curious to see how far the healing power of music and dreams can go. So, let there be light, let there be Rock!